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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2014, Vol 14, Num, 4     (Pages: 915-920)

Effects of Black Thorn, Kaempferia galanga Single or in Combination with Yeast Probiotic on Feed Palatability, Growth Performance and Product Quality of Labeo rohita Fingerling (Hamilton)

Mohammad Abul Hassan 1 ,Mohammad Aftabuddin 1 ,Dharmendra Kumar Meena 1 ,Sayanti Saha 1 ,Subhadeep Dasgupta 1 ,Anil Prakash Sharma 1

1 Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Feed Research Laboratory, Barrack pore, Kolkata, India DOI : 10.4194/1303-2712-v14_4_10 Viewed : 5223 - Downloaded : 4194 A 63-days indoor feeding trial was conducted to assess the growth performance of Labeo rohita fingerling (69.82±0.53 g) fed with three experimental diets containing black thorn, Kaempferia galanga as natural attractant, yeast as probiotic and their combination. Comparable feed consumption in groups fed with attractant (86.54 g) and combination of attractant and probiotic (85.17 g) compared to group fed probiotic only (74.10 g) were observed. Combined use of attractant and probiotic in the diet resulted in highest percent live weight gain (105.30%) compared to the individual inclusion of attractant (60.88%) and probiotic (72.63%). Comparison of feed conversion ratio (FCR) indicated better conversion when fed with the diet containing both the attractant and probiotic (3.69) compared to the other diets containing either probiotic (4.96) or attractant (5.20). Further, highest accretion of carcass protein was recorded in groups fed diet with combination of additives (254.79%), followed by attractant (193.03%) and probiotic (159.29%) alone. RNA/DNA ratio in both liver and muscle exhibited a significant (P<0.05), linear increase in groups fed diet with only probiotics followed by attractant alone, and the combination of both probiotics and attractant accordingly. Present study revealed better efficacy of feed supplemented with Kaempferia galanga in feed consumption, growth promotion and utilization in L. rohita fingerlings, as compared to that with probiotic. However, the combination of probiotics and attractant could confer the better results as compared to their individual dietary inclusion. Keywords : Feed conversion ratio, carcass, RNA/DNA ratio