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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2005, Vol 5, Num, 2     (Pages: 99-106)

Check – list of Bony Fish Collected from the Coast of Syria

Adib Saad 1

1 Laboratory of Marine Science, Agriculture Faculty, Tishreen University, P.O Box: 1408 Lattakia, Syria Viewed : 4268 - Downloaded : 4753 A check- list of bony fish in the Mediterranean coast of Syria was carried out. It appeared that the marine fish fauna in this area is dominated by the family of Sparidae (9.82%) represented by 22 species, followed by Blennidae (5.80%) represented by 13 species, then Carangidae and Gobiidae (4.90%) with 11 species each, Labridae and Serranidae (4.45%) with 10 species each, Scombridae (4.05%) represented by 9 species, and finally Clupeidae, Mugilidae and Triglidae (3.12%) with 7 species each. Among the listed families, there are 36 families represented by a single species and 14 families by 2 species. The total number of species is 224 belonging to 155 genuses pertaining to 75 families and 18 orders. The present study reported 37 migrant species from the Red Sea and 14 species originating from the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Keywords : Fish Biodiversity, Osteichthyes, new record, Mediterranean, Levantin basin, Lessepsian migration, Syria