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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2023, Vol 23, Num, 12     (Pages: TRJFAS22854)

Diet Analysis of the Amur Sleeper (Perccottus glenii) from the Danube River Drainage Channel (Serbia)

Vesna Djikanović 1 ,Stefan Skorić 2 ,Branislav Mićković 2 ,Dušan Nikolić 2

1 University of Belgrade - Institute for biological research “Siniša Stanković”, Bulevar despota Stefana 142, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
2 University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Department of Inland Water Biology and Protection, Kneza Višeslava 1, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia
DOI : 10.4194/TRJFAS22854 Viewed : 500 - Downloaded : 405 The stomach content of 277 Amur sleeper individuals has been analyzed to present its feeding habits. Fish were sampled using electrofishing from July to November 2017 in the Danube River drainage channel near Veliko Gradište (Serbia). Fish age was estimated by otoliths examination. Ingested prey organisms were identified to the lowest reliable taxonomic level. The biotic indices: vacuity index (VI), frequency of occurrence (F), abundance (Cn), index of importance (PV), Shannon`s diversity index (H`), and equitability index (Eh) were calculated. A total of 18 prey categories and 1144 individual prey were identified in the fish diet, dominantly aquatic macroinvertebrates. There were no significant difference in diet composition between sampling months as well as 0+, 1+, and 2+ age groups (both 3+ and 4+ had one individual). Only eight individuals were found with empty intestines, thus VI was low (2.9). In average, each fish had 4.1 prey items in their intestines. For whole sample, H′ was 1.84 and Eh was 0.64. Trichoptera, Ephemeroptera, and Gastropoda were the most frequent, dominant, and abundant. The greatest diversity of prey items was recorded for fish sampled in October as well as for 2+ individuals, and the lowest for fish from August and 0+ individuals. Keywords : Aquatic invertebrates; Biotic indices İnvasive fish Rotan Stomach content