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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2023, Vol 23, Num, 10     (Pages: TRJFAS23405)

Comparative Toxicity Analysis of Fenpropathrin with Its Two Commercial Formulations on Developing Zebrafish Embryos

Raktim Sarmah 1 ,Hemanta Pokhrel 2 ,Ruhul Ameen 1 ,Dipanka Nath 1 ,Sarada Kanta Bhagabati 1 ,Rajdeep Dutta 1

1 Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries, Aquatic Environment Management, Assam, India Pin-782103.
2 Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries, Aquatic Animal Health Management, Assam, India Pin-782103.
DOI : 10.4194/TRJFAS23405 Viewed : 1305 - Downloaded : 1297 Fenpropathrin displays enduring effects on aquatic environment which can be highly toxic and accumulative to non-targeted aquatic organisms like fish. While most of the previous studies focused on the toxicity of analytical grade of Fenpropathrin, insufficient attention has been paid to compare toxicity of the active ingredient (a.i) with its commercial formulation. Therefore, the present study is an attempt to evaluate the lethal as well as sublethal toxicity along with cardiac, morphological, behavioral and neurotoxic biomarker responses induced by Fenpropathrin and its commercial formulation Meothrin and Danitol on zebrafish embryos. The study reveals 96-hour (h) LC50 values that are 0.156(0.121-0.202), 0.953(0.736-1.248) and 1.168(0.913- 1.503) mg a.i/L; 96 h EC50 values are 0.016, 0.152 and 0.369 mg a.i/L and Teratogenic Index (TI) ratio of 9.75, 6.26 and 3.16 for Fenpropathrin, Meothrin and Danitol respectively (Fenpropathrin>Meothrin>Danitol). The reduction in toxicity in commercial formulations may be attributed to Control Release Systems (CRS). The study also reveals that intensity of malformations, teratogenic potential, behavioral abnormality, cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity are more prominent in Fenpropathrin when compared to its two formulations. Keywords : Fenpropathrin Commercial formulations Toxicity comparisons Zebrafish embryos