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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2010, Vol 10, Num, 4     (Pages: 551-558)

Redescription of Ephemeroporus barroisi (Richard, 1894) (Cladocera, Chydoridae) on the Basis of Material from Mediterranean Anatolia (Turkey)

F. Banu Yalım 1 ,Battal Çıplak 2

1 Mediterranean Fisheries Research Production and Training Institute, 07100, Antalya, Turkey
2 Akdeniz University, Faculty of Science and Art, Department of Biology, Antalya, Turkey
DOI : 10.4194/trjfas.2010.0416 Viewed : 3835 - Downloaded : 2717 Ephemeroporus barroisi, accepted as nomen dubium though there are many reports to date, is redescribed on the basis of parthenogenetic female, ephippial female and male collected from Mediterranean Anatolia, Turkey. It is decided that Anatolian specimens represent the species described by Richard. On the basis of nineteen diagnostic characters that were widely used in the description and diagnosis of the species in the previous studies, Ephemeroporus barroisi is the most similar first to E. epiaphantoii and next to E. margalefi. It is concluded that the E. barroisi group can not be defined by a single outomorphy, but by the character combination of the presence of four labral teeth and that of the denticles on the posterior angle of valves. Finally, an account on the distribution of species from the E. barroisi group is presented and it has been postulated that the species of the E. barroisi group may have been derived from an ancestral stock that was present in the old Mediterranean. Keywords : Cladocera, Chydoridae, Ephemeroporus barroisi, Anatolia