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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2022, Vol 22, Num, 8     (Pages: TRJFAS21161)

Age, Growth and Reproductive Biology of the Garfish, Belone belone (Linnaeus, 1760) (Teleostei: Belonidae) in the Central Mediterranean Sea

Manel Châari 1 ,Lobna Boudaya 1 ,Salvatore Gancitano 2 ,Vita Gancitano 2 ,Lassâd Neifar 1

1 University of Sfax, Faculty of Sciences of Sfax, Department of Life Sciences, Sfax, Tunisia
2 Italian National Research Council (CNR), Institute for Marine Biological Resources and Biotechnologies (IRBIM), Mazara del Vallo (TP), Italy
DOI : 10.4194/TRJFAS21161 Viewed : 1328 - Downloaded : 1315 Some aspects of the biology of the garfish Belone belone, were studied based on 453 specimens collected from the central Mediterranean (Tunisia). Total lengths ranged from 24.2 to 55 cm for females and from 25.8 to 52.5 cm for males, respectively. An overall sex ratio of 2.36 ÷ 1 shows significant dominance of females in all size classes and seasons. Age data from otoliths reading revealed that females belonged to age groups from 1 to 4 years and males from 1 to 5 years. Most of the individuals were of age group 2. Length weight relationships and von Bertalanffy growth functions parameters were: W = 0.0003 L 3.419, L∞ = 48.48 cm, k = 0.57 year -1 and to = -1 year for females and W = 0.0002 L 3.530, L∞ = 44.7 cm, k = 0.67 year-1 and to = -1 year for males. Gonadosomatic index pattern indicated that spawning occurs once a year between March and May and extends to June with peak activity in March for both sexes. The length at the first maturity was estimated at a total length of 37.26±0.10 cm for females and 37.17±0.40 cm for males. Keywords : Belonidae Belone belone Biology Central Mediterranean Sea