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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2022, Vol 22, Num, 6     (Pages: TRJFAS19548)

Effects of Silver Nanocolloid and Copper Oxide (I) on HSP70 Expression and GST Activity in the Caspian Kutum

Razieh Amani 1 ,Behrooz Heidari 2 ,Hosein Ghafoori 1 ,Abdolmajid Valipour 1

1 University of Guilan, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Rasht, Iran
2 University of Guilan, Basin Research Center, Department of Marine Sciences, Rasht, Iran
DOI : 10.4194/TRJFAS19548 Viewed : 1181 - Downloaded : 1247 The present study investigated the lethal and semi-lethal effects of silver nanocolloid and copper (I) oxide nanoparticles on the expression of HSP70 and glutathione S-transferase (GST) in the gill, liver, and serum of the Caspian kutum fry (Rutilus kutum). Fish were exposed to different concentrations of silver nanocolloid (0.05, 0.35, and 0.7 of LC50) and copper (I) oxide nanoparticles (0.25 and 0.5 of LC50). The results showed a high expression of the HSP70 gene on the 7th and 21st days of exposure to silver nanocolloid and copper (I) oxide nanoparticles. Significant changes in GST levels were observed under the influence of silver nanocolloid in the gills and serum. In conclusion, variations of the HSP70 gene expression and GST activity show that the presence of nanoparticles could be affecting the antioxidant system in the fish body; indicating that their excessive influx brings disruptive danger to aquatic health. Keywords : Nanoparticles Stress Caspian kutum HSP GST