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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2019, Vol 19, Num, 4     (Pages: 331-342)

Ammonium Nutrition Induces Triacylglycerol, β-carotene, and Lutein Production in Dunaliella tertiolecta Butcher

Zeynep Elibol Cakmak 1

1 İstanbul Medeniyet University, Department of Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 34730, İstanbul, Turkey DOI : 10.4194/1303-2712-v19_4_07 Viewed : 3561 - Downloaded : 2890 Distinct impacts of ammonium nutrition for simultaneous production of triacylglycerol, lutein, and β-carotene were evaluated in Dunaliella tertiolecta. A physiologically realistic growth system was employed to compare metabolite production and growth characteristics of nitrogen deprived, ammonium- and nitrate supplied D. tertiolecta. The nitrogen dependent changes in D. tertiolecta were reflected as a dramatic decrease in growth related to decreased photosynthetic activity, reduced pigmentation and increased triacylglycerol production as observed in nitrogen deprived microalgae. On the other hand, ammonium nutrition caused a time-dependent increase of neutral lipids, triacylglycerols, chlorophylls and carotenoids, lutein and β -carotene in particular. Finally, ammonium nutrition improved FAME profile of D. tertiolecta for biodiesel production via an exclusive impact on increased saturation. Keywords : Ammonium, Dunaliella tertiolecta, Lutein, Triacylglycerol, β-carotene