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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2019, Vol 19, Num, 1     (Pages: 1-6)

Influence of Corn Gluten Meal on Growth Parameters and Carcass Composition of Indian Major Carps (Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirhinus mrigala)

Aasia Karim 1 ,Mohammad Shoaib 1

1 Federal Urdu University of Arts, Department of Zoology, Science and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan DOI : 10.4194/1303-2712-v19_01_01 Viewed : 5942 - Downloaded : 4201 Corn gluten meal is a highly demandable vegetable protein with no anti nutritional factor. It has high potential for utilization in fish diets due to its high digestibility value. Based on these, a research was conducted using corn gluten meal in three different inclusion levels i.e. 25%, 35% and 45% as CGM I, CGM II and CGM III respectively to replace 80%, 50% and 20% of fish meal in the control diet containing 45% protein. This will proffer appropriate inclusion level of corn gluten meal for carps (Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirhinus mrigala) in intensive polyculture. It was resulted that all tested levels of corn gluten meal respond enormously to give significant yield (88.14 Kg, 83.86 Kg and 98.03 Kg respectively) as compare to control diet, however, CGM III with 20% replacement of fish meal produced maximum yield as compare to CGM I and II. In terms of nutrient profile, values of moisture, crude protein, fat, carbohydrate and ash communicated non-significantly among treatments, but incorporation of corn gluten meal enhanced protein and lipid by reducing moisture and ash in body tissues of carps. The results attributed the significance and acceptability of plant based diets by Indian major carps. Keywords : Corn gluten meal, Carps, Protein, Polyculture